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Shilbrook Secure Storage

Caravan, Motorhome
& Container Storage
in Oxfordshire

Shilbrook Secure Storage specialises in caravan storage in Oxfordshire. As a family owned business, we offer superior storage for our customers.

We are within easy reach of the M5, M4, M40 and A40

Our storage services allow you to store almost anything with us. Whether you have a small camper unit or a large caravan. You can also store motorhomes, cars and boats. Our facilities are perfect for secure storage for as long as you need it.

Access,strictly controlled on our premises. The site owner is the only one with keys and you can arrange for access during specific times.

This ensures that your property is safe and that no unauthorised access will be allowed.

It also gives us the ability to closely monitor all access activities. 

We offer a premium service for caravan storage in the Oxfordshire area. For more information about our caravan storage.

Contact us at 01993 841523. Our staff will be happy to assist with any questions that you may have.

In addition to securely store your motorhome or caravan, we also offer self-storage.

These self-storage facilities are private and secure. They are ideal for storing valuable property n a safe location.

The sizes of the facilities offer two options.

You can choose from a 20 x 8 ft.
or  a 10 x 8 ft.



10 West End, Shilton, Burford OX18 4AN.

Phone: 01993 841 523
Mobile: 0772 1428 630


Please feel free to call.

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